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Like many organizations, we are challenged with every member of the team wearing various hats.  Good ideas will pass without execution because the right hand has no idea what the left is doing. Through BPS's Strategy Planning Workshop, my company was able to put together a 3 year plan that clearly gives ownership and direction to every member of the team. Our vision is no longer a nebulous dream, but a detailed, actionable, plan that has a cadence of review and measurement providing focus and results for our company.
Gary Peterson, President
Gap Intelligence, Inc.

National Pen had the real pleasure of working with Jane Marshall and George Neale at BPS for three years to help bring continuous process improvement with strategic  Lean Six Sigma methods and tools to our company. We have applied these new skills to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our company and, most importantly, achieve record results in our bottom line. Thanks to BPS, this methodology is now an ingrained part of our DNA.
Dave Thompson, President
National Pen Corporation

We are still reaping the benefits of the improved process performance that the BPS's Lean Six Sigma Bootcamp helped us achieve!

Bob Korb, President
Secure Communications

After going through BPS Lean Six Sigma Bootcamp, the cultural shift inside Cytori has been dramatic. By embracing the tools and the philosophy of continuous improvement taught by BPS has translated into ongoing increases in process efficiencies and a significant cost savings in our development and production activities. BPS was particularly adept at helping us identify, analyze, and then improve corporate practices which are not traditionally the focus of LSS. Their commitment to Cytori throughout and following the Bootcamps has been outstanding.
Marc Hedrick, MD, President

& Doug Arm, Phd, VP Development Regenerative Cell Technology

Cytori Therapeutics, Inc.

We engaged BPS to help us jump start our Lean Six Sigma initiatives.  We went about it by sending teams to her Lean Six Sigma Workshop and had them lead us through BPS Lean Six Sigma Bootcamp.  Our results have been dramatic.  We reduced our WIP and operating expense while increasing throughput 10 fold and on time delivery to 100% from the lines we implemented lean.  We highly recommend BPS.
Pierre Patkay , Exec VP, Global Operations

& Vic Hester, Sr VP Manufacturing Operations
Verari Systems

BPS helped our team focus on Lean Six Sigma improvements that led to greater customer satisfaction and reduced waste in inventory and labor.  BPS helped us use the right the tools and techniques that  streamlined processes and eliminate constraints improving productivity in both our San Diego and Mexico facilities.
Jack Giles, President
REMEC Space & Defense

What a wealth of information! BPS Lean Six Sigma Workshop is a "must attend" for all individual responsible for process improvement and financial performance. The tools are easily applicable to any organization and the workshop environment was very user-friendly and practical .
Elisa Hammond, COO
Sharp Mission Park Medical Center

I have had the pleasure of working with BPS International over five years now. I first enlisted their expertise to develop and implement inventory control systems to manage a multi-million dollar inventory of prescription drugs products. BPS was able to initiate training and procedures which brought the inventory and purchasing system up to management expectations within weeks. Currently at SkinMedica, a cosmetic and prescription drug manufacturer, BPS has developed and implemented similar inventory control systems and is routinely called on to assist the Operations group to improve operations efficiencies.

Dennie Dyer, VP Operations,
SkinMedica, Inc.

We discovered Jane Marshall at BPS through a lean seminar at UCSD here in San Diego, and our people were very impressed with the practical approach to Lean Six Sigma. From that seminar we asked Jane to visit our furniture factory, evaluate our processes, and make a recommendation on implementation LSS for over a 90 day period. She did just that and we began applying the lean procedures almost immediately after two-three weeks of classes to all our key level managers/supervisors. Besides the successful implementation and her weekly review/progress updates, she took the time to make sure we visited one of her more mature manufactures to insure we saw first hand a proper implementation. Jane did a very professional job for Canyon Furniture and we recommend her highly.
Worth Oelschlager, CEO,
Canyon Furniture.

BPS has assisted us on a number of occasions. Jane's enthusiasm, upbeat nature, and knowledge has not only been inspiring but also extremely beneficial. During the varied projects that they have assisted us with, we have enjoyed very positive interactions and achieved great results. I congratulate Jane/BPS for their wide and varied expertise, knowledge, and advancement in the ability to coach and teach others in Lean Six Sigma methods.
David Rillie, CEO
Solatube International, Inc.

The best thing about the Lean Six Sigma Workshop we attended is taking the BPS practical approaches and analyze that against what it is I need to do at our facility to get this operation as tight as I can. The personal observations, examples, and anecdotes from the wide variety of implementations are great reinforcers to the lessons presented.. Thanks for making this workshop so enjoyable!
James R. Kasselmann, Senior Manager, Global Materials Management,
West Coast Operations, Biogen Idec

Bottom Line: The Lean Six Sigma program has helped me become a much better decision maker. When you are in charge of 500 people, a warehouse complex and 45 million dollars of inventory, bad decisions have serious consequences! I find myself constantly using principles and applications we discussed and practiced in the LSS BB course.
Major. James Edwards 111,

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